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Clinical Laboratory

Diagnos provides laboratory services, ranging for simple examination to sophisticated molecular testing to support complete and comprehensive healthcare.


Assess the condition and presence of blood cell abnormalities


Assess an individual’s ability to stop spontaneous or acquired bleeding and to detect the presence of blood clotting disorder.

Clinical Chemistry

Laboratory tests to detect disease entities through changes in the levels and activity of certain chemical substances.


Examination of the urine to determine health condition and detect diseases such as urinary tract infection, kidney diseases, and diabetes.


Biomolecular examinations are made available by advanced laboratory technology to support the diagnosis of both infectious and non infectious diseases.


Serological examination to determine the condition of an individual’s immune system.


Determining the presence of certain microorganisms in biological samples through simple staining and microscopy examination, cultures and utilization of advanced technology such as PCR.

Anatomy Pathology

Gold Standard for many disease entities through macroscopic and microscopic tissue examinations.

Call Center 1500-358